Blue Sprocket Simulation Engine

Blue Sprocket Simulation Engine

Performance and quality – that’s Blue Sprocket. This simulation engine is the first cross-platform OpenGL3 modern rendering and simulation pipeline for serious developers. We bring highly-threaded, multi-node, clustered rendering technologies to your application in an easy-to-use, scalable, extensible, and screamingly fast engine. We combine unprecedented scene realism, 100s of live dynamic lights, multiple active shadow casters, a pixel-accurate sky dome, ephemeris, and weather model, with a diverse set of post-processing visual effects.

But that’s just the visual side! We also provide an integrated positional audio engine, integrated Python scripting, and PhysX integration. All the simulation entities are scriptable via Python and native C++ when you need the ultimate in speed. In addition Blue Sprocket has a highly optimized networking layer, but also a CIGI-compatible module if you’re integrating with legacy systems. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

The Blue Sprocket engine is designed from the ground up to be easy to use, easy to integrate, and fast fast fast. Blue Sprocket: experience your simulation as never before.


Blue Sprocket exposes an industry-proven, plugin-based component-object model. Our Objects can contain arbitrary pluggable Components which get fed into Engines and your simulation executes and models get rendered. Your application simply instantiates a set of Engines, loads a set of Objects with Components, and you’re off and running. Current components include:

Code: C/C++/Python APIs for navigating the Object tree and changing state, moving objects, updating visual appearances, etc.

Sound: irrKlang sound engine for creating and utilizing 3D sound anywhere in your world.

Light: Light components define actual scene-illuminating point, spot, or directional lights. Include as many as you need, and let the engine sort it out.

Models: We support the today’s most common 3D data, including Collada, OBJ, 3DS, and many more. We combine your geometry with our material library, shaders, and effects for fast and beautiful results.

Blue Sprocket is built on a high-performance core containing a variety of industry-leading technologies:

  • OpenGL3 graphics
  • Standard TCP networking with easily extensible protocols. Arbitrary numbers of IGs in a cluster.
  • Hardware Graphics Sync
  • C++, multi-threaded core
  • Python scripting
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Blue Sprocket also incorporates the best external technologies such as SpeedTree, DIGuy, irrKlang, and Python. We work with and support all leading graphics vendors. Our extensible, component-based design and our passion for our tools ensures the best technologies will be used in your application.


The Blue Sprocket VisualEngine is at the core of making your work shine. Literally! With 100s of active lights, multiple realtime shadows, and lots of post-processing, our deferred rendering pipeline is cutting-edge. The pipeline consists of Cullers feeding Renderers feeding PostProcessors. All are extensible and stackable, ensuring fast, efficient, high-quality rendering. Here’s what’s provided out of the box:

Cullers: Frustum culling with KDTree, HGrid, ABTree.

Renderers: Cascaded Shadow Maps, Cube Reflection Maps, Water Reflection Map, Color, and Depth.

Post FX: Ambient Occlusion, Depth-of-Field, Tone Mapping, Blur, Bloom, Color Correction, Fog.

Misc: High-quality, pixel-accurate, high dynamic range sky dome with modeled atmospheric scattering and a true ephemeris star field. Rain, snow effects, and fog effects.