Blue Sprocket Graphics Image
Pixel Transit

You have tons of data and it was built for simulators of a certain era. Hardware has evolved, bringing jaw-dropping performance and features, but your users can’t take advantage of either because of your data and your IG. Why not evolve your data and software too?

Our engine is designed around two core ideas: First: that your data needs to have a future. Second: your simulation application needs to continuously evolve to take advantage of new technology. Our toolkit addresses both of those through two unique Blue Newt technologies: Data Augmentation and Retargetable Rendering.

Data Augmentation lets us take your data, as-is, and layer new capabilities on it. The user can thus target features required for specific training scenarios, scale performance for a specific platform requirements, meet data compression and size requirements, etc. Best of all, Data Augmentation changes are non-destructive, that is, they truly evolve the source – keeping your original data as-is, yet reworking it and adding features for your target platform.

Retargetable Rendering lets you choose the specific graphics engine that will give you the precise performance you need for a specific simulation. You make the decision on which rendering technology best suits your simulation and training objectives. We add pipelines, and evolve capability along side graphics hardware innovation. Our graphics engine or image generator actually grows in value over time, bringing you new capability, continuously.