Blue Newt Software presented a technical paper at the 2010 Driving Simulation Conference (DSC) in Paris, France. The paper discussed how changes in the graphics industry, from rapid GPU development cycles to rapid innovation in algorithms and rendering techniques can be quickly adopted with a flexible rendering system like the Blue Sprocket Engine. Blue Newt also demonstrated the engine running on a heterogenous mix of hardware.

The paper was presented in a poster session on September 9 and 10 at LeEcole des Arts e Metiers in Paris, France. “It was an honor to be invited to present at DSC this year, and a pleasure to meet with an engaged, innovative, and focused group of simulation practitioners. We hope to attend DSC again next year with the results of our coming year’s work. Constant challenges to improve performance, quality, and results motivate us to build world-class software toolkits and image generators.” said CEO of Blue Newt Software, Bob Kuehne.