blue sprocket engine
  • C/C++/Lua APIs
  • Deferred, Forward, Shadow, Post-Processing Custom Renderers
  • Unlimited point, spot, and directional lights
  • Supports FBX, OpenFlight, and dozens more
  • Floating-point HDR rendering.
  • Cascaded Shadow Maps, Cube Reflection Maps, Water Reflection Map, Color, and Depth
  • Ambient Occlusion, Depth-of-Field, Tone Mapping, Blur, Bloom, Color Correction, Fog
pixel transit

PixelTransit is our high-performance clustered Image Generator built on top of our industry-leading Blue Sprocket engine. PixelTransit combines the features of the Blue Sprocket engine with a high-performance networking layer to allow arbitrary numbers of graphics boxes to be combined to generate seamless imagery. Installations of PixelTransit range from single-channel workstations to dozens synced @ 60Hz for seamless 360º immersion.

blue sprocket and pixel transit combined

Performance & Quality

This simulation engine is the first cross-platform OpenGL3 modern rendering and simulation pipeline for serious developers. We bring highly-threaded, multi-node, clustered rendering technologies to your application in an easy-to-use, scalable, extensible, and screamingly fast engine. We combine unprecedented scene realism, unlimited numbers of live dynamic lights, multiple active shadows, a pixel-accurate sky dome, ephemeris, and weather model, with a comprehensive set of post-processing visual effects.